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Going Remote - Phones and Office Collaboration Technology Made Simple

The Psychology of Passwords - Are your Passwords Secure?

Reopening the Workplace After COVID-19:  A Checklist for Businesses

Leading a Team Through Crisis and Pivoting Your Plan for Success in 2020

Cybersecurity During the Pandemic and Stay at Home Orders Impact on Small Business.

Get a Custom Zoom Background in 3 Easy Steps

Beware!  COVID-19 Safety emails Deliver Malware Instead

Work From Home - Stay Safe On-line with Strong and Unique Passwords

Is Work From Home Causing You Back Pain?

10 Tips to Keep Cybercriminals Out While Corononavirus Keeps You In

Videoconferencing from Home - What you need to know

Supporting Local Small Businesses During COVID-19

VoIP Telephony - e911 and Staying Connected in the Covid-19 Crisis

How to Get the IT Management Services You Need During the COVID Outbreak

3 Tips for Working Remotely to Help Your Team Stay Productive

Keep Your Company Running Smoothly with Ekaru’s Enterprise IT Services

COVID-19 - Remote Work Tips

Technology Tips and Advice for Remote Workers

Technology Help for Remote Office Workers

Big Patch Tuesday from Microsoft - 99 Security Patches

Retiring an Old Computer?  Don't Forget to Get Rid of your Data!

Cybersecurity - Conversations with SMBs...

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Resources for SMBs

Key Takeaways:  Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

2019 State of Cybersecurity - Lunch and Learn Presentation

Professional Tax Preparers:  Do you have a Written Data Security Plan?

Employee Buy-In for Security Awareness Training - It Matters!

Cybersecurity - Explained in Plain English

Are You Still Using Windows 7?  It's Time for a Change!

Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Everyone Needs to Get Involved!

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10, with a Twist

Are you ready? Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 (and Server 2008) in January 2020.

13 Ransomware Statistics All Businesses Must Know

Don't Click on that eMail Security Warning Message!

A hacker has your password.  Now what?

Want to achieve your goals in 2019?  Get organized and take action!

Cyber Attacks Increasing - Cape Cod Community College Hacked for $800,000

The End is Near!  Windows 7 End of Support January 2020

Watch Out for Holiday Gift Card eMail Scams

A Creepy eMail in Your Inbox - Someone Knows Your Password

How the Dark Web Impacts Small Businesses

A New Twist on the Microsoft Support Scam

Got Ransomware?  What's your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Ransomware:  Don't be a victim!

You've Got Ransomware... Now What?

5 Surprising Tech Trends Boosting Small Business Growth

What I learned at Hubspot Inbound 2018

Are your passwords really keeping you safe?

Wait a minute! The minute by minute cost of Cybercrime

Cybersecurity is Everyone's Job - Recommended Summer Reading.

A Creepy Twist on Ransomware - Using your hacked passwords

Another Scam to Watch Out For:  "Neighbor Spoofing"

Whats New in SMB Tech?  Internet (VoIP) Phones!

Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

Got a consumer class router?  Power cycle it NOW!

Cybersecurity - What is the cost to Small Businesses? Another factor to think about related to Microsoft Security Patches...

Ekaru Now Delivers Dark Web Monitoring Services through ID Agent Partnership

Cybersecurity - Why you  need to train your employees

Cybersecurity is a LOCAL issue - Massachusetts school district pays $10,000 ransom to unlock its files after cyber attack.

Sending an email to more than just a few recipients? DON'T hit the send key before reading this....

Help! Sent Items Folder in Outlook Only Shows My Name

Facebook Privacy - Big Brother is watching you and has been for a long time!

Phishing:  Would your employees click on any of these emails?

Texting, eMail, and HIPAA

Technology, Patience, and Wireless Displays... Lesson Learned.

What's the difference between Internet providers?

10 Ransomware Statistics ALL Businesses MUST Know

Don't Let Cyber Crime ruin your holiday!

Internet Outages Across the Country Yesterday - What Happened?

Tech Tip: How to easily document computer steps

WPA2 Wireless Security Vulnerability - What You Need to Know

You need to know this before you sell or donate your old computer

Train Your Workforce so They Don't Get Caught by a Phish!

Beware of Phishing attempt to "Authenticate your Account"

eMail Delays in the "Always On" World

Ekaru Gives Back:  Donates Socks to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless

Help! My Spam Filter is Blocking GOOD mail

Google AutoDraw turns your scribbles into beautiful icons for free

Employee Training - Protect Your Company From Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware - 4 things you need to know

Couple Lost Home over email Scam - What you need to know.

No Patch Tuesday this Month!

Thinking about a New Phone System in 2017?

How can I send a Text Message from a Computer?

What's my email password?

Don’t just rely on good luck to protect your data!             ….you won’t after reading this….

Security Alert:  Don't forget to Reboot your Computer!

Ekaru Donates a Digital Sign to the Cameron Senior Center

Protect your Computers with Proper Power Management

Don't post pictures of your boarding pass on the Internet

How to Change the Wireless Network Priority in Windows 7

Getting more out of your laptop speakers

7 Ways to Lose your Data - Are you Protected?

Help! My Spell Checker Disappeared!

What would you do if you lost ALL your data?

Security updates are boring? Think again. It's the LAW!

Change the Program Windows Uses to Open a File

Get a Text Message Notification for Important eMails

Wiring Closet / Network Gear: Are you a Felix or an Oscar?

Seven Questions for your Annual Technology Plan

Is your password 123456? Change it TODAY!

What is a Data Breach?

New Years Computer Security Resolution - Lock your Computer!

Team Collaboration - Sync and Share in the Cloud

Homeland Security Posts Alert for Windows 2003

Is my UPS a Generator? Power Management for your Business

What's a "Patch Policy" and why do I need one?

Thank You! Customer Survey and a Sock Drive

Is your desktop buried?

Did I really reboot my computer?

Example of an email you should NOT open!

Don't open these (un)suspicious emails!

Removing entries from your Outlook email "nickname" cache

"Junk" eMail Settings in Microsoft Outlook

Navigating your Spam Filter "Quarantine"

Latest Internet Explorer Security Threat - What you can do.

Use "Favorites" in Internet Explorer

Do you keep your important files in the trash?

Do you know where your WISP is?

Cryptolocker may be lurking in that email - Don't open it!

Have you noticed it takes longer to open PDF files?

Windows XP Support Ends April 8, 2014 - PLAN AHEAD!

New "Technology Tax" in Massachusetts

Why does one computer cost more than another? Business Class v Retail.

8 Things to Know About the Massachusetts Data Security Law

Get S.M.A.R.T and save your data BEFORE you lose it!

Why did that Spam message get through my filter?

Windows Anytime Upgrade

Verizon Star Codes

What is my Wireless Security Key?

Windows 8 - Where is everything?

What is Cloud Computing?

Turn on or Turn off the Junk Filter in Outlook 2010

How to "Deliver" Messages from Postini Quarantine

Computer Cables - Which one's which?

Thank You! Client Survey and Sock Drive

Rev up your laptop - Get a Solid State Drive!

Why Doesn't my Spam Filter block ALL Spam?

Know where your Recovery Disks are!

How to Import Multiple Calendar Entries in Outlook 2010

Problems with Intuit (QuickBooks) Merchant Services and Internet Explorer 9

Help! Internet Explorer Fills the Whole Screen

Don't Close all your Internet Explorer Windows by Accident Again!

Happy Pi Day!

How to Attach an "Item" in Microsoft Outlook 2010

It's Here! Windows 8 (Beta, at least) - Take a Look!

February 7 is Safer Internet Day!

Get even MORE organized with Outlook Tasks!

Quick Way to Change Text Size in Internet Explorer

Compress Files to Send Large eMails

Clean up your Windows Desktop FAST!

Protect Yourself from "Fake" Antivirus Software

SOPA, PIPA, and What it Means for You

Think Twice Before you Travel Overseas with your Laptop

Protecting Microsoft Word Files to Disable Editing

Beware! Flight Information Phishing Emails

Customize your Layout in Outlook 2010

Are "Default Passwords" our Defense Against Cyber-Terrorism?

Securing your Business is Easy as 1 2 3

Invasion of the Computer Dust Bunnies!

Get Your eMail Organized with Microsoft Outlook Rules

Create Company Letterhead in Microsoft Word 2010

Using Templates in Microsoft Word 2010

How to Get (or Get Rid of!) a Ruler in Outlook 2010 eMail

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Optimize your Backup!

Dropbox - Know when to use it (and when not to!)

Using "Bcc" When Sending eMails - Watch Out!

Help! My Brother MFC-495 Printer Won't Print Black

Viewing "shortcuts" in Office 2010

Content Filtering - Get control over web usage in your business!

Gateway Security - Protect your Small Business!

Fake SSL Certificates - The Latest Security Threat

9 Things to Check if your Computer is SLOW

How to View "Recent Items" in the Windows 7 Start Menu

How to Add a Printer in Windows 7

How to Insert an Excel Spreadsheet into Word 2010

Keep your electronics COOL in the HOT Summer weather!

Thank You! Spring Client Survey and Sock Drive

Stay Safe on a Public Wi-Fi Network

Exchanging Files Between Older Versions of Microsoft Office and Office 2007 and Office 2010

eMail Security - Sending Encrypted eMail

Getting Started with Excel 2010 - Simple Formulas

Going Paperless - Electronic Signatures

Have you ever received SPAM email from yourself?

DNS - What you don't know CAN hurt you!

"Patch Tuesday" - Get your security up-to-date!

How to Delay or Schedule Sending an eMail in Outlook 2010

What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

3 Things to Do BEFORE your Hard Drive Crashes!

3 Things You Probably Didn't know about Microsoft Outlook Tasks

8 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Scanner

Meaningful Use Requirements for Electronic Health Records

Is your password 123456? Time to increase your security!

Tech Time Saver - Keybreeze

Cool Tech Tool - for Instant Meetings on-line

Small Business Productivity/Security Recommendation - RoboForm

Create a PDF Document in Office 2010 - It's Easy!

Computer Security - Use "Sandboxie" to Surf the Web Safely

"Deep Freeze" to Protect Your Shared Computers

Getting your eMail Through Spam Filters.

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