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What's the difference between Internet providers?

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 1/22/18 12:44 PM

Internet Speed.jpgWe're often asked about the different options available for Internet access.  You may be moving your office, or perhaps you need an upgrade in speed and reliability because you're going with a VoIP phone system.  You may also have moved to a cloud-based mission critical business application and you want a secondary connection for redundancy.  

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Internet Outages Across the Country Yesterday - What Happened?

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 11/7/17 8:36 AM

Yesterday afternoon users across the country lost Internet access for about two hours.  Some users had intermittent outages and slow downs, and some lost connectivity altogether.  All our clients with Comcast Internet were affected and we were on the phone non-stop talking to businesses who were disrupted by the outage.  The map above from shows the impact was nationwide.

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Tags: disaster recovery, Internet Outage, Comcast

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