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Simple Cybersecurity: Budget-Friendly Vulnerability Scans for SMBs

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 2/7/24 5:06 PM

Vulnerability scanning is a cybersecurity service designed to identify, assess, and help manage security weaknesses in your computer systems, networks, and software. Think of it as a health check-up for your business's digital environment. This service uses specialized software tools to scan for known vulnerabilities, such as outdated software, missing security patches, or configurations that could easily be exploited by hackers.  We talk to a lot of small businesses in the greater Boston area, and we're seeing more and more insurance companies and banks ask for vulnerability scans.

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Tags: cybersecurity, Cyber Insurance

The CIO Effect: Transforming Small Business with Big Tech Strategies

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 2/2/24 3:11 PM

Large corporations have a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Financial Office, a Chief Information Officer - and maybe some more "Chiefs" on the team.  Each plays a separate and vital role moving the business forward.   While smaller organizations can't afford to have so many full time employees at the top, there's no reason you can't benefit from the vital role the Chief Information Officer (CIO) can play in your organization - maybe just on a fractional or virtual basis.

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Tags: small business, small business technology, small business technology advice., vcio, cio

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