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Windows 8 - Where is everything?

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 12/4/12 12:56 PM

Windows 8 Startscreen 610x381If you're a superuser on Windows 7, you may feel a bit lost on Windows 8. Bob has enthusiastically been using Windows 8 for a few weeks now, and he recommends getting re-familiarized with the good 'ol keyboard shortcuts.  These are the standard shortcuts that work across all Microsoft Windows platforms, such as Ctrl+P to print, etc.

The new interface for Windows 8 marks a major change in how Windows has looked for over the past ten years.   You can arrange your icons any way you want, and rest-assured, everything is still there.  You may be confused at first when you look for "Documents", but don't worry, all your documents are still there.

Using keyboard shortcuts can help you get around until you get used to how to do things.   There are 23 new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.  The new word is "charms".  The old conventional start menu is gone, replaced by the new Charm Bar - this is the universal toolbar in Windows 8. All the standard Windows shortcuts also work.  For the entire list of Windows shortcuts, visit the Microsoft web site.  A couple of useful shortcuts:

  • Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key+start typing: search your PC

  • Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key+C: open the charms

  • Ctrl+plus (+) or Ctrl+minus (-):  zoom in and out

  • Esc:  Stop or exit the current task

  • ALT+F4:  Close the active item

  • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V:  Copy and Paste - always useful!

The people most familiar with Windows 7 may be the most lost, and beginners will probably be most comfortable with the graphical interface, but don't slow down!  Start exploring, and tell us what you think!  

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Viewing "shortcuts" in Office 2010

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 10/7/11 11:03 AM

After our last webinar, one of our attendees asked:  "In old versions of Microsoft office, you used to be able to ‘turn on’ short cuts; this essentially allowed you to see, when clicking on an action, say ‘cut’ or ‘copy’ what the short cut key for it was – can I do that in the ribbon?  I have looked but don’t see anything.  I use short cut keys a lot and know a number of them ‘by heart’ but it would be nice to see them in the ribbon too."

Outlook2010 Keyboard ShortcutYou actually CAN see the shortcuts if you hover over the ribbon a bit longer.  For example, in Microsoft Outlook 2010, if you hover the curser over the "New Email" button in the "Home" tab ribbon, after an additional second or so, you'll see a pop up showing:  New Item (CTRL+N)  Create a New Item.  This is a great way to learn new shortcuts and save time.

For a full list of Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts, visit the Microsoft web site.  Some of our favorites are:

  • CTRL+C = Copy
  • CTRL+X = Cut
  • CTRL+V = Paste
  • CTRL+Z = Undo
  • CTRL+A = Select All
  • ALT+TAB = Switch between open object
  • CTRL+P = Print
  • CTRL+F = Find
Enjoy the shortcuts!

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