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February 7 is Safer Internet Day!

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 2/7/12 2:05 PM

Safer Internet Day 2012February 7 is Safer Internet Day, which is organized by Insafe each year to help promote safer and more responsible use of the Internet and mobile phones, especially among young people.  There are events all over the world today with this year's theme focused on "Connecting generations and educating each other".  This is a great idea because we can all help each other - tech savvy young people can teach their grandparents about how to get around on-line, and grandparents have the wisdom to help their grandchildren stay safe.

To learn more and get informed with some helpful statistics, visit the web site.  Did you know that 26% of children report having a public social networking profile and 36% of 9-16 year olds report that they definitely know more about the Internet than their parents?  48% of parents report that they get Internet safety information mostly from family and friends.  In the spirit of the day, talk to your family about Internet safety and help spread the word!  You can also help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

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Get even MORE organized with Outlook Tasks!

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 2/2/12 3:24 PM

Customize View of TasksA year ago I got rid of all the paper on my desk and every day it's a wonderful sight in the morning to see a clear desk!  Microsoft Outlook "Tasks" are a great way to stay organized, and by changing the font, size and color of overdue tasks, you can get even more organized! 

Changing the appearance of overdue tasks can help them stand out more.  In Outlook 2010, select "Tasks" from the navigation bar.  In the "View" tab, select "View Settings".  In the "Advanced View Settings" pick "Conditional Formatting".  When you highlight "overdue tasks" you can pick any font you want to make the tasks pop out on your list.  If red is too harsh and scolding, pick something else that works for you!

We strongly advise clients to get more from the technology you already have.  When you get a few free minutes, explore the settings that will work for youl 

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