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Protect Your Business:  How to Spot and Prevent Domain Spoofing Scams

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 6/28/24 9:39 AM

The more you know about the various types of cyber scams out there, the safer you'll be online. We recently received a question from someone in our community who's doing a lot of hiring and reported that someone had posted a job on a spoofed website - "" instead of "".  Why do scammers do this?  They're trying to trick people into providing personal information like a social security number and possibly financial information so they can steal it.  It is true that before you start a job, you'll need to give your employer your social security number and you'll probably want to set up direct deposit of a paycheck, but if a company is asking for this information too early, its a scam.   Both employers and potential employees need to know about these scams.

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Tags: domain name, cybersecurity

Business Continuity Planning for Boston Area Companies

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 6/25/24 11:41 AM

Business continuity planning helps your business operate nearly seamlessly in the event of a natural disaster, critical hardware malfunction, or even a cybersecurity breach. These events can cripple or even destroy your organization. But when you take precautions now before such things happen, you save yourself massive headaches down the road.

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Tags: cybersecurity, business continuity plan

Boston Data Security Services: Why Data Protection Matters

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 6/21/24 2:16 PM

Data security in Boston, and other major business centers, is becoming a pillar of business readiness, as leaders look to proactively protect their business data.

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Tags: cybersecurity, cybersecurity training, Cyber Insurance

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