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Verizon Star Codes

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 1/9/13 2:08 PM

Phone KeypadHave you ever hit the wrong * command on your phone and wondered what you did?  I recently added a new FiOS phone line at home, and saw that the new way to check for voicemail from a home phone is to dial *86 (*VM).  I wondered if that would work on our "regular" line, so I tried it and all I heard was "you have canceled...".  Not able to clearly hear the whole message, I was very worried at first that  I had canceled my voicemail and looked up the codes on line.  At first I had a little trouble figuring out what they are called, and then I found they are called "Star Codes".  They are also called "Calling Features".   In case you're ever in the same situation, here is a quick snapshot for reference:

Calling Features Activation and Deactivation Codes *From Verizon Web Site

Feature Activate Deactivate
*69 (Identify Last Call) * 6 9 * 8 9
Anonymous Call Rejection * 7 7 * 8 7
Busy Redial * 6 6 * 8 6
Call Block * 6 0  
Call Forwarding * 7 2 * 7 3
Call Trace * 57  
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting Hookswitch *7 0
Per Line Blocking   * 8 2
Per Call Blocking * 6 7 Hang Up
Speed Dialing 8 * 7 4  
Speed Dialing 30 * 7 5  
Three-Way Calling Hookswitch

Visit the Verizon web site for a full list:

Hope this helps the next user who gets mixed up with the new voicemail on FiOS lines.

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