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Employee Training - Protect Your Company From Ransomware

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 5/18/17 8:08 AM

Computer Training.jpgAs I am sure you have heard, this past weekend we experienced perhaps the most extensive cyber-attack yet seen, as computer networks globally, in over 100 countries including the US, were infected by the WannaCry Ransomware.  Hopefully, your company was able to avoid this infection, but don’t relax - additional waves of WannaCry are expected, followed by increasingly more sophisticated ransomware variants.  Ransomware has not only become an increasingly profitable activity, but provides a warped sense of technical accomplishment for the cybercriminals who successfully perpetrate it.  WannaCry is just the beginning, and ransomware infections will continue, becoming increasingly more dangerous and difficult to stop, at the extreme threatening the very survival of your business.  You must now take the steps to protect your business.

 While security technology will lessen the risk of ransomware infection or provide the ability to recover, there is no single technology product or combination of products available which will fully protect your business from all cyber threats.  The behavior of your employees represents your biggest vulnerability, and their actions will most likely be the cause of security problems and data breaches.  They must be trained to recognize and avoid the email phishing scams which will trigger ransomware infections and other cyber exploits, and in how to use your company computing resources and protect your valuable data in a secure fashion.

There are many great resources available to create "DIY" training for your employees, but this isn't enough and a more structured approach is needed.  All it takes in ONE employee to make a mistake, and this becomes your "weakest link".  Also, the Massachusetts Data Security Law and other industry-specific regulations require employee training.

We can provide your employees with the necessary security training, and reinforce it by testing their ability to recognize phishing emails, and providing continuous weekly reminders, monthly security newsletters, and a set of Security Policies and Procedures.  The value of this training and complementary security services to protect your organization from ransomware and other threats will far exceed your small investment in time and money.

 Please contact us at 978-692-4200 to arrange security training for all your employees for an affordable price – this can no longer be considered an optional service.  You don't need to be on a support plan with us to sign up for training.

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