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Cybersecurity - Why you  need to train your employees

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 5/3/18 3:13 PM

In case you missed it... here's a review of our latest webinar on cybersecurity from earlier today.

Train, test, and prevent Cyber attacks.  Big companies make the headlines when there's a cybersecurity breach, and too many SMBs believe they are "under the radar". Today's threats are automated, and everyone is at risk.  Some reports indicate that up to 95% of breaches are caused by human error.

Will your employees click on that link they're not supposed to click?  Do they know not to install a USB stick labeled as "Company Financials"?  Cybersecurity protection requires layers of protection with attention to Technology, Process, AND People.

Training your employees is specifically required by the MA Data Security Law and other industry specific regulations such as HIPAA.  There's no such thing as 100% security, but don't leave your network exposed to avoidable human errors, and don't take on the liability of knowingly ignoring the law.

The Employee Security Training program is a cost-effective way to increase security and protect your business, and demonstrate compliance to training requirements of the MA Data Security Law, HIPAA, and other industry specific security compliance requirements.

Here's a recording of today's session on cybersecurity and employee training :

To learn more about the training platform and sign up, visit

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