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Did you know?  You can get call center technology on a small business budget

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 10/28/22 12:14 PM

GoTo Contact Center - Ekaru Partner

At Ekaru, we've been partners with GoTo for several years now, and we've helped design, configure, install, and support phone systems for many local businesses in the greater Boston area.  We've been using the system in our own office for several years, and the visual dial plan editor, the ability to work from everywhere, and integrated video conferencing are compelling features.  Recently several of the local businesses we work with have taken the next step to implement "call center" features.

If your business relies on attending to a lot of incoming calls, the call center is a great and affordable way to set up call queues, route calls to specialists, assign priorities, log people in and out of queues, process "chats", and so much more. 

The capabilities you may have thought were just available to large corporations are actually within reach for local businesses.  The system enables full reporting and analytics, including average  call duration, average time in queue, total talk time, percent of calls answered, agent availability, and more.  You also have the ability to record marketing or informational messages to play while people are waiting, in addition to or instead of music.  

At Ekaru, a big part of our mission is to help local businesses to get MORE from the technology you already have, and learn about what's NEW in technology.  

Years ago, these types of features were out of reach for small businesses.  If you haven't checked out the latest in what's available for phones, set up a demo with Nancy on our team - for phones in general or a full demo of the "call center".   You'll get to talk to an expert about your business needs, and we'll help match you with the right enabling technology.

Download the three page summary of features here:

  Download Now! 

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