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Google Top Searches 2020 - The Year of "Why?"

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 12/21/20 4:40 PM

Google published its annual report of top searches, revealing the most popular search terms across many categories.  2020 was a year like no other, and its always fascinating to see the compiled results.

In the intro video, Google states "2020 was the year we asked "why?"  

The top 5 searches overall were: 

  1. Coronavirus - No surprise here.
  2. Election Results
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Zoom - What would 2020 be without Zoom?
  5. IPL

The top people searches were:

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Kim Jong Un
  3. Boris Johnson
  4. Kamala Harris
  5. Tom Hanks

And what would have have done all year without our favorite TV shows.  Here are the top TV Show searches:

  1. Tiger King
  2. Big Brother Brasil
  3. Money Heist
  4. Cobra Kai
  5. The Umbrella Academy

And here's the top searched concerts of 2020:

  1. Together at Home
  2. Fire Fight Australia Concert
  3. Garth Brooks Drive In Concert
  4. Travis Scott Fortnite Concert
  5. BTS Online Concert

Google’s report looks at trending topics across search, people, news, recipe's, how-to’s, virtual activities, and more.  The data can be viewed worldwide or filtered by 70 different countries.

The full report can be found here:  Google Trends.  The results can also be viewed by year for an interesting look back in time, and each top result can drill through to a graph of interest over time. 

Click through to "Explore the trends that captured our attention in 2020" to reveal some fascinating trends in 2020.

  • Comfort foods may have gotten us through March, but... how to start a vegetable garden was searched twice as much in 2020 than 2019.
  • We looked for a better future more than we wished to return to the past. how to change the world was searched twice as much as how to go back to normal.
  • In 2020, worldwide searches for support small business doubled compared to the previous year.
  • Essential workers were our lifelines this year. Global searches for how to thank hit an all-time high, with teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and doctors topping our lists.

Highly recommended to spend some time checking out the results.  This is an entertaining and insightful view of big data.  Here's wishing to a great 2021!

Topics: data, google

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