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How to Change the Wireless Network Priority in Windows 7

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 9/14/15 10:00 AM

We recently upgraded our phone system, and while the network was being updated, I was temporarily connecting my laptop to our guest network so I could access the Internet without interruption. After the updates were completed, I switched back to our office network and all was well.

The next day I arrived at the office and everything was working fine until I discovered I couldn't print.  At first I though some printer settings had changed when phones were added to the network, but it turned out that I had the same problem we get so many customers calls for... I was connected to the wrong wireless network!  My laptop automatically connected to the guest network when I arrived in the morning and I didn't notice.  Being busy, I switched it back.  Next morning the same the same thing happened, and I realized I had to update the network priority.  We're so busy taking care of clients, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves!

Changing the wireless network priority is easy:

  • Click on the start menu and type Network and Sharing Center:Network_and_Sharing_Center


  • In the Network and Sharing Center click "Manage Wireless Networks":Manage_Wireless_Networks


  • Click on the network to be given priority then select "Move Up".  Wireless_Priorities-2

Note that in the example, the target network has been moved to the top position.  The Move Up / Move Down buttons are highlighted to illustrate how changes can be made.

After setting the proper priority, I will always connect to the right network even when I'm in range for an equally strong signal from our guest network.  

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