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Cool Tech Tool - for Instant Meetings on-line

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 2/4/11 1:42 PM is a great new application from the folks at LogMeIn for screen sharing.  If you're working on a project and you need to collaborate on a document, or if you want to do a presentation over the web, this is a VERY easy to use product.  The free version has a lot of features and its probably all you need to get started.

Starting a screen sharing session is simple.  You'll get a 9 digit code that you can email to your participants, and you'll be connected almost instantly.  There's also a free conference line you can use for your meeting (its not a toll-free number, but there is no extra charge for the conference connection).  You can also communicate by chat.

I installed recently to test it was was amazed at how simple it is.  If you want to get the "pro" features - meeting scheduler, custom link, meeting lock out, the cost is $29.95/month - still a very good deal.

Developing technology that's easy to use is actually very difficult, and is impressive - give it a try!

Topics:, Internet meeting, file sharing

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