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How to Import Multiple Calendar Entries in Outlook 2010

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 5/9/12 3:55 PM

Import Outlook 2010At the start of the Spring soccer season, I had the task of making sure all the practice and game times for my family got posted in my Outlook calendar.  With a game every weekend, and two practices during the week (times two teams), an entire season's worth of entries would have taken a long time.  The good news is that the soccer league made it easy by enabling an export of the calendar right on their web site.  With a simple click of the link to "Download for MS Outlook", they had already set up an export of the data, and all I had to do was import it into Outlook.

This may sound intimidating if you're a beginner, but it just involves a few mouse clicks.  With my exported calendar from the web site saved as a "CSV" file (Comma Separated Value), the next step is to go to the "File" tab in Outlook and select "Open" from the left hand navigation.  Next, hit "Import", select "Import from another program or file", select "Comma Separated Values for Windows", then browse for the file, and hit "next".

This is just one example of using the "Import" function, but keep in mind that you can export and import contacts too.  Learning a few simple key strokes can save a lot of time!

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