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Going Paperless for our Small Business - The next step - shredding!

Posted by Ann Westerheim on 1/6/11 9:54 AM

With our file cabinets so full we could barely squeeze in another piece of paper, it was time to shred!  Our process is already in place going forward to keep paper away, but there still was the 800-lb gorilla of the full file cabinet to deal with.

We called DataShredder ( to come on site to deal with task.  A few days before our scheduled date, we went through the files to pull items we already had electronic copies of, mostly customer invoices, but also many vendor invoices as well.  We filled several bins, and on the big day, DataShredder brought their truck to our parking lot, and we could actually watch our old information get shredded on a video monitor.  All the shredded paper will be recycled, and we're not generating more of it!

We received a certificate of destruction - paper copy, needs to be scanned and shredded :).  Our data back-up process has been tested, and we're ready for the New Year!

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