9/23/2021 - Cybersecurity Quick Tips For Your Local Business

9/23/2021 - Join us for a 30 minute "Lunch and Learn" Cybersecurity Training Event  Sign Up!

Cybersecurity events are in the news almost daily, and its easy to get overwhelmed. Do you have the right protection? Are you doing the things you need to do to protect your business? Will cyber insurance cover all your risk? What do all the different cybersecurity products do? Do cyber criminals go after small businesses? In this "lunch and learn" event, we'll help you cut through the noise to show you that there are many smart and affordable things your business can do to help stay safe. We'll review the importance of layers of security, also known as "defense in depth", as well as the importance of user cybersecurity awareness training.

Grab your lunch at your desk and join us for 30 minutes!  SignUp!

As always, we welcome our community to help us put together the most helpful content, so please email if you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to see covered. We hope you can join us on Thursday September 23rd!