5/13/2021 - Electronics Recycling and Hard Drive Shredding

Join us on Thursday May 13th from 11am to 1pm for electronics recycling.  Please call Nancy at 978-692-4200 for a reservation.

Ekaru Electronics Recycling May 13 at 11am

Electronics Recycling - May 13th 11amMost electronics cannot be disposed of in regular trash, and its important to properly recycle them. Bring your PCs, laptops, desktops, printers, hard drives, monitors, and computer disks.  We're partnering with PC Survivors of Massachusetts for proper recycling, and safe destruction of data. 

"As a certified R2 RIOS Responsible Electronics Recycler, we completely eliminate your sensitive data and recycle outdated and obsolete electronics in an eco-friendly manner. We help your business go green by safely repurposing components that retain viability and recycling materials from equipment that has reached obsolescence."

We'll have a truck on site for on-site hard drive shredding.  Hard drive shredding is the safest way to ensure your protected data will be completely destroyed.  Nominal fees apply to hard drive shredding, disk shredding, and some electronics such as printers, Televisions, and old CRT style monitors.

Please call Nancy at 978-692-4200 to reserve your spot.