Rackspace Microsoft Exchange eMail Outage

Rackspace is reporting an email outage for Microsoft Exchange eMail that started at 2:36am last night.  Here's a link to the status page: Microsoft Exchange eMail Status Page

Update - 12/20/2022 - 9:29PM
Rackspace is now in a position to begin testing our procedures to facilitate a successful handover of email data to Hosted Exchange email customers. Our engineers have been working through a rigorous process to recover, test, and secure this data, and have implemented a number of security controls and processes to protect the security of the data and the associated transfer process. We look forward to providing data access instructions to our Hosted Exchange email environment customers at scale soon.

Update 12/12/2022 - 12:36pm - Everyone in the Ekaru community impacted by the Rackspace event had mailboxes moved from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365 Exchange as of last Monday (12/5) to be able to send and receive new mail (one group opted for "forwards").  While the incident is still being investigated by Rackspace, we are working with people to train them on how to use the Microsoft 365 online, and building plans to reconcile all mail.

Update 12/5/2022 - 1:40pm - Right now we have about 85% of impacted mailboxes migrated from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365.   Note that anyone in our community already on Microsoft 365 was not impacted by the Rackspace incident.

UPDATE 12/4/2022 7pm-  For any impacted users:  Almost all 365 mailboxes have been created and mail flow has been migrated from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365 Exchange.  All mailboxes have new passwords.

UPDATE 12/4/2022 - The Microsoft Exchange outage is continuing while it is being investigated at Rackspace, and we are creating new Microsoft 365 Exchange mailboxes for our affected community.  Our first mission is to make sure any impacted email user can send and receive new mail.  Note you can preview Mail from Friday and Saturday in your eMail security portal, and your mail prior to Friday is in your Outlook.


UPDATE 12/3/2022 - Our engineers are working this weekend to move impacted mailboxes to Microsoft 365 to enable users to send and receive new mail, while the underlying problems are addressed at Rackspace.

The email outage is being actively worked.  Please check the status link above for updates, or call our office for help.