7/27/2022 - Cybersecurity: Zero Trust - What does it mean?

7/27/2022 - Join us for a "Lunch and Learn" webinar with Shane Deegan and Jherome Deguzman of ThreatLocker -  Sign Up!

Join us for a Lunch & Learn on Wednesday July 27th at 12:15.   We're pleased to have Shane Deegan and Jherome Deguzman of ThreatLocker join us to help our community learn more about the emerging trend of "Zero Trust" in Cybersecurity.

Cyber crime is a lucrative and fast-growing business, and today's world has a constant flow of new types of threats. With technology trends and changes driven by "work from anywhere" and migration to the cloud, the traditional "castle and moat" security model isn't enough, and you've probably started hearing about "zero trust". This security approach adopts a "trust no one" philosophy. Things like "default deny" where only approved applications can run, elevation control (don't let users have admin access when they don't need it!), and storage control including preventing the use of USB sticks can help enhance your organization's security.

"Set it and forget it" doesn't work for cybersecurity. What was good enough a few years ago, isn't enough today. In this month's lunch and learn, we'll be joined by Shane Deegan and Gareth Havis of ThreatLocker who'll discuss trends in cybersecurity and how you can further protect your business with "zero trust".

A big part of our mission at Ekaru is to bring important technology related information to our local small business community to help you make informed decisions. As always, we welcome our community to help us put together the most helpful content, so please email if you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to see covered. - Sign up!   

We hope you can join us on Wednesday the 27th!