37 Reasons to Choose Ekaru

Here's Why Clients Refer Ekaru

We've been supporting local businesses since 2001

We've been providing computer and network support to local businesses in the Boston area and beyond since 2001 - medical offices, accountants, law firms, manufacturers, retail, non-profits, and more. Most of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients.

Here's why clients refer us:

  • "Best tech company for small companies - much appreciated, what you do for us"
  • "Strong technical expertise."
  • "Great service, extraordinary expertise"
  • "Fast service - nice people"
  • "Follow through and availability on short notice"
  • "I love you guys! You always come to my rescue"
  • "Trust"
  • "Reliability"
  • "Ekaru is very responsive. They have services that fit my business: not too big, not too little, just right"
  • "Response time and pleasant attitude"
  • "Willingness to work with requests/style of client"
  • "Very experienced staff. Quick replies to problems"
  • "Response time and knowledge of system. We are thrilled you are on-board with us - I've already been telling other practices about Ekaru"
  • "Personable, knowledgeable, get the job done, sensitive to time issues, reasonable in cost"
  • "Fast attention to service requests, reasonable fees"
  • "Very knowledgeable"
  • "Knowledge, professionalism"
  • "Responsive, Flexible"
  • "I like the fact that when there is problem, you're on it. I really appreciate the follow-up calls & calls when you offer a new service"
  • "Personal service and responsiveness"
  • "Integrity, Honesty, Service"
  • "Expertise and responsiveness"
  • "Friendly, not pushy, quality of work and flexibility of plans and portfolio of services"
  • "Prompt, knowledgeable, courteous service whenever we call."
  • "Technical expertise strong, nice people"
  • "Personal touch and service"
  • "(1)Skill, (2)Responsiveness, (3)Reasonable Cost"
  • "Responsiveness...superior problem identification. Excellent communication, fair pricing. Outstanding service organization."
  • "I am always impressed with Ekaru's willingness to accommodate client's requirements and schedule."
  • "Follow up with customers, technical capabilities, friendly staff."
  • "Excellent customer service, quick response, and always available for our needs"
  • "Responsiveness"
  • "Very Responsive"
  • "Helpful with impossible regulations and impossible computers"
  • "Great service!"
  • "The quality of your people and client-centric philosophy"
  • "Ekaru is reliable, capable, and service oriented!"
Our mission from Day 1 has been to be the antidote to big companies who say they support small business with a slick marketing and sales efforts, but fall short when it really matters - getting to know the business and being there when needed.  Bigger is not always better!