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 Worried about Cybersecurity?

  • Are you worried about Cybersecurity?  
  • Are you worried about the risks of working with a solo "computer guy" or are you working with a bigger support firm that ignores you?
  • Does your tech support refuse to come on site or keep you waiting for days or weeks?
  • Are you handling all your tech support in-house and you're getting overwhelmed?
  • Has your "computer guy" moved or retired?
  • Are you worried about HIPAA data security requirements and MA Data Security Law requirements?
  • Have you lost data?
  • Are you concerned about viruses like Cryptolocker?
  • Has your business been denied access to other networks because of a virus on your network?
  • Are you worried that your business technology is falling behind your competitors?
It's a lot to think about.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you!

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