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37 Reasons to Choose Ekaru

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Looking for Local, Reliable Computer Support in the Boston Area?

Does your tech support refuse to come on site or keep you waiting for days or weeks?  Are you handling all your tech support in-house and you're getting overwhelmed?  Has your "computer guy" moved or retired?  Are you worried about HIPAA data security requirements and MA Data Security Law requirements?  Have you lost data?  Are you concerned about viruses like Cryptolocker? Has your business been denied access to other networks because of a virus on your network?   Are you worried that your business technology is falling behind your competitors?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you!

"Best tech company for small companies - much appreciated, what you do for us"
"Ekaru is very responsive. They have services that fit my business: not too big, not too little, just right"
"Excellent customer service, quick response, and always available for our needs"