Managed Support Plans - Proactive Support

Ekaru offers several easy managed support plans
Advanced, automated continuous preventative maintenance ensures your systems stay in shape.

What’s included in managed service?

Managed service covers baseline maintenance on an ongoing basis that used to require time-consuming manual checks.  Instead of spending extensive engineering time going from system to system to manually confirm system health and security updates (as required by the MA Data Security Law and other industry-specific requirements), this is done automatically with the software installed and monitored by Ekaru.

  • Server critical services monitoring and alerting (Servers)
    • CPU Utilization, Page File Utilization, Memory Utilization, Storage utilization, Off-line/on-line status, system uptime for the month, disk input/output (disk is not able to keep up with user demand).  Goal is to catch trending issues before they become major issues that impact users.   
  • Antivirus Monitoring (software license included)
    • Antivirus license is included for all covered systems - ($39.95 value per system/year)  Systems are automatically checked on a regular basis to ensure that virus definitions are up to day.
  • Spyware Detection and Removal (software license included)
    • Malwarebytes license is included ($49.95 value per system/ year). In some cases, where available system memory is low, we will not run continuously because of system performance degradation. However, if removal is needed, the license is included.
  • Microsoft Security Patch Management
    • All security patches are tested before they are “white listed” or “black listed”.  All systems are tracked for compliance.  Tickets are generated if patches are not up to date.
  • System Health Monitoring (Desktops)
    • Hard drive utilization (a hard drive above 80% capacity will slow down a system); Third party patches (Adobe, Java, etc), SMART hard drive monitoring (for hard drives with this capability will help predict when a hard drive is going to fail).
  • Temporary File and Internet Debris Removal
    • Automated continuous clean-up of temporary files that accumulate over time and slow systems down.
  • Service Pack Roll-Outs
    • Major service packs that are a roll-up of monthly released updates.
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting
    • Reporting is continuous throughout the month.   Comprehensive monthly reports are also available.  We can identify any system on the network that doesn’t have up to date antivirus definitions or has out of date security patches.
  • Full asset management available
    • Built in capability to identify all installed software on every system as needed.
    • Ability to identify if users have installed unapproved software.
    • License and Warranty reporting.  


  Server Watch Server Care Desktop Care 24x7 Help Desk
AntiVirus Protection & Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spyware Detection & Removal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temporary File and Internet Debris Clean-up Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security Patch Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Pack Rollouts Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Health Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Executive Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Backup Monitoring Yes Yes    
Server Alerts & Alarms Yes Yes    
Preventative Remote Troubleshooting   Yes Yes Yes
24x7 Unlimited HelpDesk Support       Yes