Reopening the Workplace after COVID-19: A Checklist for Businesses

You and your employees have been quarantined in your home for weeks, and now authorities are looking to lift restrictions and open up.

Our free checklist will help you prepare for returning to the office.

Now is the time to prepare!

This guide provides checklists relating to people, workplace, technology and customers.

Reopening the Workplace - Checklist

Why Choose Ekaru?




Not too big and not too small 

You get team coverage with the expertise and access you need, and we're also small enough to really get to know you. You don't get handed off from a slick sales team to a generic team of techs who don't know you. If you need a 24x7 help desk, we've got that too!benefit of working with a team.



Single Source Solution

We can handle everything from installing a new printer, to helping with technology strategy and everything in between.  We do the research and form great relationships with technology vendors to bring you the best solutions.  We attend the major industry events and stay up to date on all the latest technology.



Customer Commitment

We are knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, proactive, personable, and easy to work with. We have managed IT support for hundreds of businesses in just about every industry for over 10 years - ask us for references!