How Do I...?

We're building a "self-help" training area so you can get support to solve some common issues. If you have a suggestion for topics to add, we want to hear from you - call or send an email!

New Video! - How to create an eMail Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Postini - How do I change my password, add approved senders, and block senders?

WebMail - How do I access eMail through the Web? Use these instructions if you log into webmail at:

New Video! - How do I forward my email to someone else in the company to respond while I am away?

New Video! - How do I create an "Out of Office" eMail notification to let senders know I'm away?

Ekaru eMail - How do I set up my Outlook Mail Client? (Note: Different instructions apply if you are still on the old mail server)

New Video! - How do I know if my AntiVirus is up to date?

Ekaru (Legacy System) eMail - How do I access my eMail from the web?  Use these instructions if you are still using the legacy mail servers at

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